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New to Ark: Survival Evolved update 257 – The Daeodon! This pig from hell is perhaps, of the most powerful combat tames to ever be introduced to Ark: Survival Evolved! The Daeodon enters the Ark complete with an all new feature… PASSIVE HEALING! This allows to Daeodon to very rapidly heal itself and nearby allies by consuming massive amounts of food! More about patch 257 below! We’ll be covering everything you need to know in this video! How to tame the Daeodon, best strategies for leveling and more!

* Server-side fix: Daedon saddle is now craftable at Smithy
* Server-side fix: fixed kill volume protruding thru volcano
* Server-side fix: fixed water physics in an under-lake area near volcano
* Server-side fix: correct level-up number should now be indicated in pop-up text when levelling your dino.
* Client-side : fixed an incorrect streaming volumes near Volcano
* Client-side : fixed a UI crash that could occur with certain Mods
* Client-side : Modified some work-in-progress Quetz sounds
* Client-side : Made Disable Menu Transitions also skip Confirmation Dialogs on Drop-All/Transfer-All, and fixed a visual pop glitch with Inventory Menu opening
* New Dino: Giant Bee
* New Dino: Daeodon
* New Dino: Liopleurodon
* New Dino: Kentrosaurus
* New Structure: Tek Cloning Chamber
* New Structure: Tek Megalodon Saddle
* New Structure: Tek Turret
* New Weapon: Tek Grenade
* TEK Cave & Volcano
* “Ascension” Game Progression
* More UI overhauls
* New Hairstyle and Facial Hair
* Approximately 20+ New Explorer Notes
– 15 new music tracks, per-biome and situational
– Full Gamepad input pass (i.e. console gamepad functionality)
– Fixed issue with Cave spawns not functioning properly in singleplayer
– The Center mega-update!
– Engram Tree REVAMP. Forced respec and Max Level set to 100 (before Ascension)! You won’t lose your levels or experience, unless you were above 105 which you’ll be reset to 100.
– New Emote

More about the Daeodon:

Daeodon Comedentis is the largest known species of entelodont, an omnivorous family of ancient mammals that are sometimes referred to as “Hell Pigs.” Even though Daeodon has as many similarities to modern Hippopotamidae as it does to Suina, I’ve found that to be a suitably fitting nickname.

Daeodon is as mean as it looks, and any survivor who wanders too close to its feeding grounds will find that out the hard way. As an omnivore with a voracious appetite, Daeodon scavenges, forages, and hunts to survive. It has little qualms when it comes to its diet, and that has helped it thrive both on the Island’s dry grasslands as well as sandy ecosystems. Its temper hasn’t hurt either, as many would-be predators would rather seek out less vicious prey.

Its uncommonly high metabolism enables it to heal very rapidly, making it a difficult beast to bring down or even tranquilize.

Many tribes have made excellent use of Daeodon packs within their war parties, not only because of its fierce nature but due to its remarkable ability to rapidly heal itself. I’ve theorized that this healing factor is why it seems to have such a high rate of food consumption, which also makes it difficult to maintain; Daeodon may well eat its owners out of house and home. Far more extraordinary, however, is that this rapid regeneration is evidently able to affect nearby allies, and consequently worth the upkeep!

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